Big Update is here

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Big Update is here

Post by Admin » Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:00 am

So the last days i could manage to get features into our Server and i want to update all of you whats new:)


Currently you can join our Worldboss by talking to the Npc mid of Prontera.

Spawn Time: is 02.00am and 02.00pm
Price: Headgear Box - Headgears from the OfficalRO currently around 15 Headgears inside.

Everbody who joins will get rewarded near the Boss. So everybody can win a Price.
Just one Account will get the Reward if you join with your second Accounts. ( Added because of Abuse of the System ).
Boss should be killed not alone currently he is very easy because of test purposes but this will get some tweaks over weeks also if more players join, worldboss gets stronger.

Lighthalzen 4:

Yes, Lighthalzen 4 is now live on our Server.
Its not a simple Lighthalzen 4 is more like a costum Dungeon with added costum Mobs.

To talk clear, this Dungeon is not as simple as it looks.
You can kill the mobs alone, its possible.
But if you want to get as many kills as possible you should play with a party.
It should be a challenge to do something on the server.

Drops: All Mobs will drop some specific Card and Items ( By Time currently not added all ).
Card Drop Rate: 1% because there many to find.

Alchemist only: Alche Card gives you Storm Gust Level 1 to use.
Wizard only: Wizard Card ignores MDEF 50%.

Class Setter:

You can find our Class Setter near Prontera.
He can disguise you in third, first and baby classes. This will stay till you relog or exit the game.
Thats a nice feature to get third classes without to add them to stay PreRenewal.

Card Trader:

You can find our Card Trader in our Mall.
She can give you Points for trading your Normal or MvP Cards.
Every MvP Card added execpt the rare ones.

1 Normal/Mini Boss Card: 1 Point
1 MvP Card: 100 Points

Next Upcoming Features:

Settings Npc and Command: Enable or Disable Settings.

Daily and Weekly Reward Npc: Get rewards if your online for loyal players.

Party Loot System: New Loot System to make partys more attractiv.

Everybody in a Party on the same Map attacking the same Mob will get rewarded with the drop of the Mob except Cards. Nice feature or what do you think?:) This will need some time.

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